Display advertising is a form of online advertising and allows you to reach the target group of small entrepreneurs and freelancers via Display ads on contributes best to your display marketing strategy and is highly suitable for your brand name, also known as branding. Impressions of your ad or banner on are relatively inexpensive, straightforward, measurable and specifically targeted to your specific target audience compared to traditional media. On we offer you a lot of opportunities to advertise online as a company or organization.

The possibilities of display advertising

Below you will find an overview of the various options for advertising with your banner on with the corresponding rates. Banners are displayed with a random effect, if multiple are present, they are displayed in the various available banner positions on the website. If you have any questions about display advertising, please feel free to contact us.

Limited visible Clearly visible
Average impressions per month
Request data Request data
Large leaderboard
970x90 pixels
remove check
728x90 pixels
remove check
Half-page ad
300x600 pixels
check check
Large rectangle
336x280 pixels
check check
Medium rectangle
300x250 pixels
check check
Wide skycraper
160x600 pixels
check check
International advertising
Create visibility in several countries
Optional Optional
Minimum period
3 months 3 months
Monthly report
check check
Startup costs
One-off costs
€ 110,–
€ 133,10 including VAT
€ 110,–
€ 133,10 including VAT
Amount per month
€ 20,–
€ 24,20 including VAT
€ 40,–
€ 48,40 including VAT